There are five categories of membership of the council

1. Individual Social Engagement Facilitators/Social Engagement Practitioners (those who have completed a social engagement facilitation course and received a Certificate of Completion)

2. Entities Practicing Social Engagement facilitators

3. Social Engagement Practitioners (Those who have completed a five-day training and completed a portfolio of evidence (three months)

4. Recognition of prior learning and experience: members who complete a five-day course and have a proven record of social engagement facilitation shall be granted Social Engagement Practitioners Status based on their application and completion of assessment.

5. Honorary membership: these are members who are recognized and honoured for their contribution and excellence in social engagement facilitation and for their long service in this field.

Membership fees

Annual membership fee is R1800 or R150 per month for those who prefer to pay monthly instalments but it is advisable to pay the whole amount in order to enjoy all the benefits,

Administration costs

Members who acquire work/tenders through ASEFSA are required to contribute 10% of their income towards administration and sustainability of ASEFSA.


Members who through their efforts bring work to ASEFSA shall be entitled to between  10% and 15% percent of the whole amount of the project, as a consultation fee, subject to the Executive Committee permission.

Memberships benefits

  • Referrals: members are invited to provide services to clients
  • Joint ventures: For big projects members of the Association shall cooperate in project implementation.
  • Learning and growing together: As a community of practice, members learn from each other through information sharing.
  • Exposure: membership allows the members to be exposed to different environments to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge and generate income.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: those working as consultants get an opportunity to grow their practices while contributing to the growth of local economies.
  • Employment creation: Social Engagement facilitation is in demand as the country enters a phase of 4th  industrialization revolution and infrastructure development characterised by tensions, uncertainties and possibilities.