About Us



A fully engaged society finding collective solutions to its challenges.


To create spaces and systems for effective social engagement towards economic transformation and social cohesion.


Co-creating a world of possibilities

The Context

South Africa in-particular has a great potential of attracting investments, grow the economy, build social cohesion and create employment through development projects. However due to socio economic injustices of the past, high levels of inequality, high rate of unemployment, tensions between labour and capital and the rise in socio economic unrests these possibilities remain elusive. It is against this backdrop and context that ASEFSA seeks to provide tangible and lasting solutions to these challenges through Social Engagement Facilitation. As a social engagement facilitation association, we aim at creating conducive spaces and systems for all social partners to engage and find common solutions.

About Social Engagement Facilitation

This is an all-encompassing term incorporating stakeholder engagement, social facilaition, community facilitation and community consultation. At ASEFSA we seek to locate Social Engagement Facilitation as the first port of call for development projects in order to minimize disruptions, ensure participation of SMMEs, adherence to Corporate Social Responsibility by companies and total buy in from local communities.  ASEFSA recognizes the significant role that Social Engagement Facilitation can play in economic transformation and social cohesion.


  • To regulate the social engagement facilitation profession/CoP.
  • To promote moral and ethical behaviours amongst SEFs and Social Engagement Practitioners.
  • Develop and advance the social engagement facilitation as a profession
  • Create a space and platform for social engagement facilitators to share ideas and experiences and learn from each other.
  • Conduct research and produce publications,
  • Connect social engagement facilitators with other social partners.
  • Organize networking sessions, conferences, trainings and exchange sessions for SEFs and SEPs.
  • Identify opportunities, negotiate and secure contracts on behalf of ASEFSA members.