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The Association of Social Engagement Facilitators of Southern Africa (ASEFSA) is a regulatory and accrediting body for Social Engagement Facilitators (SEF) of Southern Africa. In addition to regulating social engagement facilitation ASEFSA also provides services such as social engagement strategies and corporate social engagement policies development, Social Intelligence and Master Class training for aspiring or practicing Social Engagement Facilitators.

Social Engagement Facilitation is an all-encompassing term which refers to individuals and companies who specialize in facilitation and engagement processes for stakeholders and social partners. Different entities use different terms such as Community Liaison Officer (CLOs), Public Liaison Officers (PLOs), stakeholder engagement officer (SEO), Social Facilitator (SF). Institutional and Social Development (ISD) etc.
ASEFSA acknowledges the great work that these individuals and companies do, however lack of a standardised approach to social engagement and recognition of the work they are doing deprives them of career growth opportunities and limits the growth of social engagement as a profession. It is within this context that ASEFSA developed a structured training, standardisation, professionalization, regulation and accrediting programme for practising and aspiring Social Engagement Facilitators.

The persistent tensions and violent conflicts manifesting as municipal service delivery protest, violent disruptions in the construction sector and mining sectors has resulted in many corporates, public entities and government sectors to rethink and start prioritizing Social Engagement Facilitation as the first port of call. Other entities are mainstreaming Social Engagement Facilitation throughout their value chain.

There is now more than ever an increasing demand in the market for Social Engagement Facilitators who specialize in stakeholder engagement, social facilitation, social intelligence and conflict management.

ASEFSA is the Only Social Engagement Facilitation Regulatory and Accrediting Body in Southern Africa

What WE DO

Sthembiso Madlala - ASEFSA - Executive Director

What WE DO

Focus Areas

Regulation and Accrediting of CEF,SEP and SEP



Social Dialogues



Social Intelligence

Social Engagement Plans and Strategies

Stakeholder Engagement

Social Facilitation

Conflict Management

Capacity Building

Social engagement masterclasses

Our Courses

Masterclass 1

Objective: The Master Class is designed for community-based activists and Community development workers who wish to improve their capacity in order to work effectively at community level.

Qualification: Accredited Community Engagement Facilitation Certificate with your unique practice code.

Masterclass 2

Objective: This Master Class Course is designed for individuals and companies who are already in the practice of social engagement practice but have no formal accreditation status.

Qualification: Accredited Social Engagement Facilitation Certificate with your unique practice code.

Masterclass 3

Objective: Social Engagement Practitioners are specialists in the field of social engagement facilitation. This orientation Master Class qualifies you to be an accredited Social Engagement Practitioners in recognition of their work.

Qualification: Accredited Social Engagement Practitioners Certificate (SEP) with your unique practice code.
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“ I have gained all the tools to execute my duties as a Social Engagement Facilitator”
Ntuthuko Mqebu - KwaZulu Natal
“ This has been a very informative, progressive and engaging session. Thanks Mr Madlala for sharing especially your experiences in the field, I'm looking forward to interacting more with you in our work in the Eastern Cape"
Mlungisi - Eastern Cape
“ There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel, I was actually in the dark I could not make a difference between social facilitation and stakeholder engagement. I am even more confident now to go out and do social engagement facilitation.”
“ We appreciate Blueprint for this opportunity to be accredited as social engagement facilitators, the course has been an eye opener.”
Octavi - Mpumalanga
“ There are modules that stood out for me, for instance the Social intelligence, which speaks directly to what we are doing on the ground, gathering information, we appreciate the manner in which you presented the course Mr Madlala, and we are greatly indebted to Blueprint and SANRAL for affording us this opportunity, the Master Class indeed added a number of insights”
Siyavuya - Eastern Cape
“ The course was very informative , and we are looking forward to sending you our implementation plans. The interns were very lucky to be exposed to this course”
Freddy - Gauteng
“The information was very helpful, all along we working without proper guidance, but after this course we are very clear about the direction we will be taking”
“Thank you Mr. Madlala, you have taught me skills that I can take with me, I am excited and I am ready to face the challenges”
Natalie - Western Cape

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